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Sara Bentley, artist

I feel joy in creating my art and want to bring some of that to the viewer. I create semi abstract land and seascapes as well as representational work and I am inspired by the openness, grandeur and energy in the Welsh countryside, where I walk everyday with my dog. I live near Cardiff in a small village, where I am lucky enough to be able to explore the mountains and the coastline, which I love.

My work starts with intuitive marks and bright colour and I feel my way into each painting, while I keep in mind the feel and atmosphere of the mountains or the sea. I especially love the wide skies. I love to layer and play as I paint until the character of the painting becomes clear and I am able to work with it. I often give the painting some space at this point, allowing time to consider it’s outcome. I then work carefully to achieve a complete work.

During lockdown, I have had a lot of opportunity to reflect and to explore new work. I recently finished a new series called Floribundance, inspired by my own garden and my memories of gorgeous gardens in the UK and I am now working on my next series called Can Only Dream, inspired by my desire to travel, even if it's just a few miles down the road!

floribundance 3.jpg
cod 1.jpg
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